Dr scott's electric hairbrush

Music that stimulates the inner pathways of the soul. 


    Dr Scott   

Dr Scott developed his mystical powers years ago in the deserts of Southern Idaho.  He uses to prescribe just the right dose of musical ingenuity sure to stimulate the follicles of your mind. With a blended medley of Folk, Rock, Latin and Blues – Dr Scott's Electric Hairbrush transports listeners through the depths of his soul. There you will find a cure for all that ails you.

Coming off his second studio album titled, The Nest Files, Dr Scott toured through Idaho, Oregon, and Ohio. During his stint in the home of rock & roll, the Dr learned some new tricks from some awesome friends. But, as happens in life, all things come to an end. After a year of discovery, significant life changes, and a much needed break - the Dr has returned to his roots in Idaho. Dr Scott's Electric Hairbrush is heating up, don't miss your chance to see the Dr and be healed. New prescriptions are just around the corner.